• Garrigan painting by Kelly Keith

Current Projects

* New band The-Eyebrows rehearsing and recording
* Playing keys & bass in Temperance League
* Writing and recording solo songs

Recent News

  • Preview of my Rocky Horror set

    Several years ago, I recorded my own version of “Over at the Frankenstein Place” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I always liked the harmonies in this song, and I’ve played Riff Raff in live productions before, so I felt compelled to record it. I’m not sure if you’ll pick up the subtle Beatles reference, […]

  • Jay Garrigan performs Rocky Horror on Halloween at UpStage

    I’ve always wanted to perform Rocky Horror solo, but no one would ever let me. On this Halloween, I don’t only get to dream it, I get to be it. I am currently recovering from a broken nose with associated surgery and singing is a challenge, but I never let stupidity stop me before. Stop […]

  • Jay Garrigan photo by Dylan Chorneau

    Jay Garrigan solo show July 18 in Charlotte, NC

    NODA’s very own Jay Garrigan, lead singer/guitarist of The-Eyebrows and keyboardist/bassist of Temperance League performs a solo set of his music on Friday, July 18 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Eastern at Orange Olive Hair Gallery on 2824 N. Davidson in Charlotte, NC. This event also celebrates the art opening of Z’s Artwork. Jay Garrigan, whose voice […]

  • Jay Garrigan featured in Mike Garrigan podcast

    My brother Mike Garrigan, a Billboard charting artist, has graciously featured me in his latest podcast. Download it here: http://buff.ly/1qvreMd Mike has been podcasting for several years now. He got me to talk about most of my past bands (Pete Gorgeous, 2nd Skin, Violet Strange, Laburnum, Poprocket, Transmission Fields, Garrigan, Garrigan Bros) and current bands […]

  • What Lou Reed means to me

    The way I discovered Lou Reed may have not been that unique, as I learned about his first band, the Velvet Underground, through other bands covering them. I first heard “There She Goes Again,” “Pale Blue Eyes,” and “Femme Fetale” after listening to R.E.M.’s Dead Letter Office. I had to find out more about about […]


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