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Hi – my website is currently going through a major overhaul. While I experiment, please know that I’m:

  • Recording and playing with Temperance League (keys/piano/organ/etc.)
  • Forming my new band The-Eyebrows with the talented Shawn Lynch, Jon Lock and Molly Poe
  • Writing and exploring ambient music for soundtracks


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Temperance League  

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10/10/15 To be announced! To be announced! United States
Time: 5:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages/Licensed. Address: To be announced!.

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Jay's blog and other musings
  • Temperance League releases The Night Waits

    I’m honored and happy as hell to be a part of Temperance League as we release the band’s third record, The Night Waits. Produced by famed producer Mitch Easter, of the band Let’s Active and producer of some of my favorite records by R.E.M., Pylon, Pavement, Loud Family and Game Theory, this is a record that I feel really good about and I think will stand out. If you know me, I’m rarely ever satisfied with anything. This time, I think the songs, the performances and the production are something special. I hope others feel the same way.

    I’ve been with the band a little over two years and two records, playing bass, various keys and organs. While neither instrument is my goto choice of expression, I have enjoyed learning what it’s like to play in a six piece band with incredibly talented and dedicated guys who are also my good friends. They are part of the reason why I stay in Charlotte.

    While I’ve been a part of ensembles before, I often struggled because I had the somewhat cantankerous and conflicted urge to lead. Over the past two years, I learned how to play less and listen more, or as I call it, “unplay”  and “unwrite” parts. My point being, I think good bands have to lose their personal egos and self to a certain extent, and let the songs channel through them much like lightning rods ready for a coordinated musical shock. I had to learn to be comfortable with myself in that role first and trust the band. That doesn’t happen overnight, as that comes with a lot of practice and shows (and perhaps a lot of beer and late nights at The Thirsty Beaver).

    We recorded most of the record over two days, and had several other days booked for vocals, overdubs and booking. Also, we got to work with the talented Missy Thangs who assisted Mitch in the engineering. I met Missy a few years ago when my band Garrigan opened for The Love Language at the Visulite Theater in Charlotte. We really enjoyed her engineering skills and the record shows how great she is.

    So to close, I probably should once again thank Bruce and Shawn for saving me. I’ve been suffering from horrible, painful recurrent corneal erosion since Dec. 2011, and the pain and vision loss, for a time, killed me creatively in 2012 where I left my record contract and band (and yes, I’m in terrible eye pain this morning as I write this – but I guess I’ve accepted this as part of my life). Inviting me into Temperance League let me focus on some creative/musical things without the pressure of running and owning a band. I’m not sure if they realize how much of a positive influence they have been on me and my sense of musical self, giving me chance to be musical at a time when my creative mind was muddied and blurred by noise and pain. So thank you once again boys. I’m so happy to be a part of this record and band.

    ROCK AND ROLL, once again, makes life worth it all.

  • Preview of my Rocky Horror set

    Several years ago, I recorded my own version of “Over at the Frankenstein Place” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I always liked the harmonies in this song, and I’ve played Riff Raff in live productions before, so I felt compelled to record it. I’m not sure if you’ll pick up the subtle Beatles reference, but there’s one in there.

    Please see me perform this song an others from the Rocky Horror Picture Show this Friday, Oct. 31 at UpStage in NODA, Charlotte, NC near the hour of 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

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